“Five Feet Apart:” Tear-Jerking Teen Love

Claudiaholl, Contributor

Five Feet Apart was first released in March of 2019. The director of the movie was Justin Baldoni. The audience rating is at a current 4.9.

Will and Stella are forced to stay at least five feet apart due to cystic fibrosis when they meet and fall in love in a Seattle Hospital. Will, being someone who doesn’t believe in the rule, doesn’t want to do anything he is told for his illness. Stella is the complete opposite; she makes videos of her daily life and follows every rule given to her in order to live.

Five Feet Apart is a tear-jerking love story for most ages about two sick teens who meet in a hospital and can’t even risk getting close enough to shake hands. Stella has been a patient in this hospital in and out since age six; she treats the building and people very well. Will is new and doesn’t care about the rules or procedures they have given him to stay, so he does whatever he wants from the first day he gets there.

Will begins bothering Stella from the second they meet, messing with her and trying to get her to break rules around the hospital. Will even says during the movie, “We’re breathing borrowed air.” Stella responds, “I refuse to believe that.”

After being bothered by him for weeks, she begins to fall for him and give in to his games. After many days of Will’s tricks and slick words, she finds herself wanting to be around him.

She tries to change him and his bad ways and she begins helping him with his daily routine and his treatments. While at first it was for her, it became so much more and so much bigger.

This movie is a tear-jerking love story that will make you question all aspects of love. The normal love story will never be the normal again.