Panera Bread is Worth the Visit


Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Contributor

The opening of Panera Bread on Dorchester Road met all expectations that come with opening a popular chain restaurant. The restaurant lives up to the chain’s always fresh and clean food reputation. It has kind staff members, and the clean and kept up interior of the restaurant is very welcoming. It is different than any other cafe-style fast food.

Known for its healthy and authentic meals, Panera Bread has a wide variety of hot and cold soups. It has sandwiches that vary from grilled cheese to a Turkey Bacon Bravo Sandwich. Highlights of the menu are: Toasted Frontega Chicken sandwich, Chipolte Chicken Avocado Melt, and Creamy Tomato soup.

The interior of the restaurant is open with a combination of booths and chairs. It has a kiosk where customers can order food, or they can walk up to the register. After ordering, it has a separate counter where customers pick up their food.

While waiting, it has a system of pagers to tell them when their food is done. The inside is welcoming and clean. If people are in a rush, it has a fast working drive-thru.

The staff at the newly opened Panera Bread is very nice and respectful. Employees are never standing around; they are always doing something, such as cleaning or preparing food. The customer service is great, and they are very patient. They do a great job at getting food out fast and hot.

Although it is not gourmet, the cafe style restaurant is worth the visit.  Its authentic and organic food is very pleasing, the inside is clean, and it has kind staff members. The restaurant lives up to its motto, “Food as it should be.”