Selena Gomez “Lose You to Love Me” Cannot Get Out of My Head

Empowerment at its finest with "Lose You to Love Me"


"Lose You To Love Me" was No.1 on Billboard Hot 100.

Kenzie Moten, Contributor

I cannot say I’m a huge Selena Gomez fan, but I definitely was stricken and in love with her new song, “Lose You to Love Me,” which was released on Wednesday, Oct. 23.

Growing up, I would watch Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place,” which she starred in, and now listening to her music is pretty astonishing. Selena’s first album, “Kiss and Tell,” was released in 2009 .This new song is a perfect expression of healing and my absolute favorite song she has put out yet.

Everyone has reached a point of sudden loss, but ultimately they overcome it and surprisingly do better, despite their pain. Selena shares this song with us by telling a story of her broken past and how she learned from it to create a future in which she prevails. My interpretation of the song is when someone benefits unfairly from you and when you finally let go, in the midst, you rise from it completely with love and compassion.

The first verse of the song goes,”You promised the world and I fell for it, I put you first and you adored it, set fires to my forest, and you let it burn, sang off key in my chorus cause it wasn’t yours.” This line indicates manipulation, and I think a lot of people can relate to this; relatable equals catchy.

Lines later she adds, “I needed to lose you to find me, this dance was killing me softly, I needed to hate you to love me.” Through the hurt and pain caused, she was able to positively benefit and become mentally healthy again by loving herself. This song is beautifully made and thriving because the message is strong, not sad.

On Gomez’s Instagram she captions a post, “My first number 1!! This song is so dear to my heart. I’ve been working so hard to make this album as honest and fun as possible while remaining vulnerable enough to share where I am in life.” Fans of Gomez are going crazy over this song because rumors have circulated over who it’s about: known pop-star Justin Bieber. The official music video has gained over 165 million plays featured on YouTube.

Julia Michaels, who co-wrote “Lose You to Love Me” explained both songs being released, “One is talking about needing to let go of something in order to find power, and the next one is owning that power.”

Rest assured, this song is not a typical breakup song. This song assembles a “goodbye” to unnecessary people and a “hello” to new beginnings with a brand new purpose. The message is clear: losing people leaves room to love yourself and find your worth.

We all need to hear a little motivation to pick ourselves up like she did. This song cannot get out of my head and will not for a long time.