“In The Tall Grass” is Not as Bad as You May Think


Riley Minor, Contributor

The movie “In the Tall Grass” is a horror/thriller/drama movie adapted from the novel “In the Tall Grass” by Stephen King and Joe Hill. The director, Vincenzo Natali, is quite an experienced director when it comes to suspenseful movies. He also produced the movies “Cube” and “Splice”.

Since these movies were very popular and well received, many people had high hopes for his interpretation of “In the Tall Grass,” but were disappointed after seeing it.

The movie is about two siblings, Becky and Cal, who are on their way to San Diego in order for a pregnant Becky to give her baby up for adoption. The siblings are stopped on the side of the road next to a field of tall grass and an old church for Becky to throw up when they hear a child calling for help from within the grass.

The siblings make their way into the grass only to find out the field can move around at any moment. They meet several different people like Tobin – the boy calling for help – Tobin’s mother Natalie, Tobin’s father Ross, and Travis, the ex-boyfriend of Becky.

Throughout the beginning of the movie, Becky and Cal wander through the field aimlessly in search of one another. Many felt that this was unnecessary and the movie could have done without it, but this is one of the reasons the movie was scary. It lets the fact they’re stuck with no escape sink in and cause panic in the viewer. It makes everyone wonder what they would do in that position.

Other than the suspense factor, the movie was quite complicated. It was hard to follow and at some points it requires time to just stop and connect the dots. This isn’t unusual for a Stephen King-based movie, but the movie could have been a lot easier to understand.

Minus the unnecessarily confusing plot, the movie was still a great horror film. The filmography was amazing and the dedication of the actors payed off.

Harrison Gilbertson, who plays Travis, said in an interview that the daytime scenes were filmed in an actual field and the nighttime scenes were filmed in a studio. He also said that filming was physically tiring because of the running around they had to do. The actress of Becky, Laysla De Oliveira, said that she went on runs in the mornings to prepare for the role.

This movie was not as bad as it was made out to be. Understanding the concept of the grass and its powers and motives are key to understanding the movie as a whole, and while it seems challenging at first, all you really have to do is pay attention. It’s a great movie for a rainy day when you can’t find anything to watch and are willing to play a mini game of “What Would You Do?”