“Beg” Amazes Long-Waiting Fans

This is a tweet from Hazel's Twitter that someone said about the song. The

This is a tweet from Hazel’s Twitter that someone said about the song. The “halo army” is the name of their fans.

Amaya Mansman, Contributor

The new song “Beg” by Milo and Hazel is an exciting song tons of people were waiting for. This song was first introduced on their Youtube channel, Milo and Hazel, as their “intro song” featuring only Milo. Fans have been waiting for two years for this song to be dropped on all music platforms.

Milo said the song was never even meant to be released; it was just a special song for him and his girlfriend Hazel, but when fans starting begging for the song to be released, he worked harder. He wasn’t going to release the song unless his girlfriend was a part of it, too. He wanted her to show off her musical talent as well. 

It amazes many that a song fans have been waiting for since they used that song as their intro song is finally finished after two years in the works. The song not only excites listeners, but it is a song fans play on repeat due to the creative aspect and because it’s a well-produced song. This has been showed on his Instagram (@miloxor) story because of fans constantly listening to it.

The actual music video should only be for mature audiences because it could be misinterpreted wrongly by children. It is not necessarily a song for kids.

The instrumental part goes in so well with the song because it’s the only thing made by someone else in the music video. Milo produces and writes all of his own songs.

The instrumental he made was beautiful because it starts off calm and slow like a love song, and moves into a faster-paced beat. It made the starting lyrics, “you said that you been so patient” sound so surprising and may give a nervous feeling because of Milo beginning the song strongly.

Milo, also referred to as Miloxo for his singing brand, has a strong voice unlike many. He isn’t very big but every song prior to “Beg” coming out has never been disappointing. He never fails his fans and adding Hazel to a special part will make people want to hear more from her. 

He deserves a lot more attention for not only making his own music, but going through three different stage names, and making music with his best friend, Dom, in the past as well. 

This song is recommended to friends because it’s the type of music many would listen to, and the song is constantly asked about when people first encounter the song.