Required School Shooting Drills Rattle Parents Everywhere

Have these "simple" monthly drills gone too far?


school stages school shooting drill

Hailey Brinson, Contributor

All across the United States, school shootings have been brought to the tip of everyone’s tonguesOver the rise in the last two to three years, the unfortunate events have left America in pieces.  Schools everywhere have decided to step in and take action with lockdowns and active shooter drills, however, the long-term effect is beginning to worry parents about their students.

Aside from high-profile media coverage, school shootings with several victims are still infrequent. According to researchers at Northeastern University, the number of overall students injured/ killed in school shootings declined  by close to 0.15 per million students by 2014-2015. The University estimated the public odds of a school student being killed by a gun while in school between 1999 and 2018 at about one in 614 million.

American parents begin to worry that their children will suffer from traumatic experiences after the lock-down or active shooter drills conclude. Instead of better preparing each student for the intense situation, they present an uproar in parents based upon their opinions. Many schools create a stressful and realistic environment by dressing up the children with different face makeup to show wounds. Police officers are brought in place of the active shooter and the children are challenged and targeted.

A New York City-based clinical psychologist stated in an interview with NBC, “Children are much more likely to be abused by a parent than shot at school, to be in a car accident, to be screamed at by a teacher. We don’t practice that.” As the intensity of these drills start to incline, the way students feel in school will cause them to believe they are unsafe and cause many not want to come.

Every public school student should feel safe and protected at school, regardless of the surrounding environment. As it is very important to educate teachers, students and staff to be aware of the possibility of an active shooter, each school should evaluate the measures at which they exert active drills.