Leadership Students Take Field Trip to James Island County Park


Julie Beniash, Writer/Editor

On Thursday, Nov. 7th, the leadership students had an opportunity to go on a field trip to James Island County Park.

The purpose of the trip was to strengthen their team building and leadership skills.  They did a ropes course and other activities.

One thing they did was the “Leap of Faith.”  This activity was learning to trust your teammates and having good communication.  One person climbed up onto a plate form 30 feet in the air and had to jump off. They had a harness and a rope that was used to hold them in the air after they jumped.

Their team had a job of holding the other end of the rope tight for when the person had to jump.  This taught them good communication skills so everyone on the ground could be ready to hold up the person afterwards so they wouldn’t fall.

Students work together to cross the finish line on the “skis.”

Another activity they preformed was a simple teamwork building.  The game was to hold up a little ball on a ring and move it to each cone without it falling.  If it fell, there was a consequence.

The catch with this game is that the ring was attached to 12 strings that team members had to hold the ends of.  Also, everyone had to hold a string at all times.  One of the teams made it to each cone without dropping the ball and received no consequences.

The skills they learned in this game was communication and patience.  If anyone rushed to move, the ball could have fallen, but they all stayed calm and collective.

Students are working on their team building skills.

Katie Fulton talked about her experience on the trip.  She said her favorite part was the Leap of Faith.  Katie quoted, “It is easier to get through hard things with other people.”  During this trip she learned to trust other people and she was so excited that she got to go.

Also, Cozette Turner talked about how much fun the Leap of Faith was.  She talked about how it was really scary, a fun scary, and it felt like an accomplishment after the jump.  She quotes, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”