War is Not Inevitable


Kenzie Moten, Contributor

Could you imagine a world with peace? Wouldn’t it be a dream if everyone in society could be treated like an actual human being? Well then this is a nightmare: hundreds, thousands and millions of people die due to the unsettled state of war.

War is defined as “a state of armed conflict between different nations or different groups within a nation.” Since the existence of time, we’ve only known war. War must be resolved and peace must rise.

The death toll is forever increasing as technology improves; it’s important that there’s an actual awareness of how many people are killed. The idea of war is unacceptable. A protracted disagreement and the use of weapons is the first act to “settling” it.

War has a negative impact on the environment too. There is widespread deforestation and contamination of water and air due to gas being used. Men and animals are killed and the people still living must breathe these effects in.

An excerpt from Guns ‘n Roses goes,” My hands are tied, the billions shift from side to side, and the wars go on with brainwashed pride, for the love of God and our human rights, and all these things are swept aside, by bloody hands time can’t deny, and are washed away by your genocide, and history hides the lies of our civil war.” The civil war really took a devastating turn, over 620,000 lives were lost within four years according to Battle American Trust. These two sides could have potentially set aside their differences in another manner instead of the bloodshed.

War is fought over many factors, religion being the biggest. The belief in God or a higher being somehow causes conflict.

Religion is supposed to bring peace and morals, considering in almost every religion it mentions killing is held as a sin. Fighting over ideologies of the creation of life is absolutely outrageous.

The main problem society suffers with is the idea of “us vs them,” which is promoted heavily in our culture. “Us vs. them” is comparing people, things people have, and different culture. War is so popular because society divides people and, when acknowledged, it sparks conflict. We have conflicts between states, civil conflicts with foreign state intervention, and colonial conflicts.

War tends to cause dehumanization. People take part in cruel exchanges such as stabbing, bombing, shooting and prison camps. While this killing is taking place, insanity emerges within these people fighting. It all boils down to the psychology of evil.

Once the war is over, civility comes back and people are then struggling with PTSD from these horrible events seen, heard, and acted upon. About 11 to 12 out of 100 veterans suffer with PTSD, according to U.S NEWS.

Such a claim as “war is inevitable” is ridiculous. Peace can be present if we all worked towards change. There are a million reasons why humans go to war, but it won’t change the fact it is outdated and a deathly resolution.