Is Technology Ruining Our Brains or Improving Them?


Gavin Huston, Contributor

Technology is improving every day. From new smartphones with three cameras to virtual reality goggles and controllers. But the real question is: is it ruining our brains or improving them?

Since 1983, the internet has been the most easy way to find information and facts to help people in their every day lives. Nowadays, kids use them to help study vocabulary words or learn a new language.

Even though parents may say that technology ruins our brains, they use it every day to do their job, even if it’s as simple as ordering materials online, using a cash register, or even using a computer to calculate stock prices. People just don’t realize how much society needs technology to go through life.

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee says, “It’s incontrovertible that smartphone technology has yielded many benefits for society… There are apps available for smartphone users to monitor how much they’re walking during the day and how well they’re sleeping at night. New applications of the technology emerge seemingly daily: Your smartphone can now help you stay on top of your children’s dental hygiene by tracking how long they’re brushing their teeth with their Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes,” (National Geographic).

This further proves the point that not only is technology good for our brains, it helps in everyday tasks. People don’t need to tell their kids that technology is ruining their brains because in the future they will be working in class and wonder how people can write a ten page paper with a computer faster than pen and paper.

Video games can help people too, according to Gary Small who says, “On the positive side, there are certain mental tasks, when using these technologies, that exercise our brains. Some studies have shown some video games and apps can improve working memory, fluid intelligence [problem-solving], and multitasking skills,” (Vox).

On the other hand, too much technology for one day for little kids can be a problem. USA Today says, “The Cincinnati Children’s study assessed screen time using the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics… Parents should monitor digital media and watch it with their children.”

Even if children spend too much time on social media and games, parents now have the technology to limit them. They can also just take the tablet away for a couple of hours and tell their kids to go outside and have an adventure, so adults don’t have to be so anti-technology.

Parents can set limits to their children’s technology if it is bothering them that their kids are not social enough or getting enough sun. Therefore, technology is improving our brains and not hindering them, both kids and adults alike.