Better School Lunches Needed

Better School Lunches Needed

Claudiaholl, Contributor

A lot of high school students don’t eat lunch during the day because of the food choices or the amount of time given to eat. In high schools, students need a bigger amount of food to keep up with their growing bodies and growing brains. Most of the time kids are under-served breakfast and lunch, causing them to not get the full amount of energy needed.

If lunch were to be lengthened and more food given, it may have an outcome of better grades and test scores. Students often spend lunch time trying to get unfinished work done, so if schools were to lengthen lunch, students would have more time to finish, or even start, work due.

Eating throughout the day can help improve test scores and give energy throughout the day. If students eat the correct food, it can help with concentration and memory in classes.

Without longer lunches and better food, students will sleep and doze off more than they pay attention, bringing about bad grades and bad test scores. When students get to choose what they eat or have a wider option, they will eat more and everyday.

56 to 75 percent of students eat school lunch instead of bringing it from home (SFGATE).

If schools were to have longer lunches, students would spend more time working on work instead of catching up with friends. A lot of the time the lines are so long and the hallways so packed, half of lunch – if not all – is taken trying to get food before the bell rings.