Subliminal Messages in Movies


This was the part in the movie where most messages started being shown.

Amaya Mansman, Contributor

People say subliminal ads or messages found in movies don’t effect people or are “accidental.” Messages that are found in too many movies happen too often to be an accident.

Subliminal messaging is found in many genres of movies between kids, family, and adult movies. Subliminal messages are negative messages to mess with your mind.

The literal definition of subliminal messaging is affecting someone’s mind without them being aware. They do this to seem “accidental,” but when people find them, people second guess what they seen and wonder if anyone else sees it.

In BBC’s news article, “Does Subliminal Advertising Actually Work,”they talked about James Vicary starting subliminal ads by flashing the screen with “eat popcorn” and “drink coke.” Most of these messages always have flashing screens or it comes by very quick. When people catch them they come to wonder if what they actually seen was really there, or if anyone else sees it.

Instead of making them interesting and positive, they make horrible messages that should not be in kids movies. For example, in Disney’s Incredibles 2 there are many examples of hidden government and political subliminal messages with flashing in it. For example, the villain, Screenslaver, hypnotizes everyone and Disney portrayed that as government controlling everyone and having power.

In another article by BBC news, “Self-harm clips hidden in kids’ cartoons,” about suicidal clips in kids’ cartoons is considered a subliminal message because it was hidden, making the whole thing seem innocent because it’s a kids cartoon.

BBC said the Youtuber and other networks were showing ways to attempt suicide in cartoons. Messages like this should not be allowed or shown in anything kids watch.

While most believe these are horrible, others say some are accidental and that our own opinions are based on subliminal messaging.