Electric Vehicles are the Future


Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Contributor

For too long, gas powered vehicles have advanced pollution and global warming. The solution to this problem is electric powered vehicles. In every way possible, electric vehicles are more beneficial to everyone and everything.

Gas powered vehicles produce harmful greenhouse gases, which contribute to about one-fifth of the United States global warming pollution (USCUSA). Electric cars produce half of that number. Many mistake that it is only cars creating greenhouse gases, but gas powered buses and trains are not any better. In fact, gas buses and trains produce more harmful gasses than cars. In many eco-friendly states, there have been transitions to electric buses and trains.

Not only are electric vehicles more beneficial to the environment, they are much easier to drive. They don’t require as many parts as gas vehicles, making electric vehicles easier to maintain. Many realize the upgrade an electric vehicle is, but they are worried if there are enough charging stations. According to ChargeHub, there are over 66 charging stations in North Charleston and 68 charging stations in Charleston.

Along with being better overall vehicles, electric vehicles are much cheaper than gas vehicles. According to Energy.Gov, it costs less than half as much to travel the same distance in an electric vehicle than a gas vehicle. USA News said on average people spend $368.09 on gas monthly while people who use electric vehicles spend $45 a month.

Not only are electric vehicles healthier for the environment, they are much cheaper and a much easier drive. They will save you over $1500 yearly and will benefit everybody. Gas vehicles are things of the past, electric vehicles are the future.