College should be free


Christina DiFabio, Contributor

Students are looking for cheap colleges instead of schools they want to go to and learn about. Students leaving college can be in thousands of dollars of debt as soon as life and a career are beginning for them.

Former president Barack Obama proposed a government program to make community college tuition-free for millions. The program covers nine million students and gives them $3800 a year.

On the other hand, if college was free, with the work of this program Americans would have to pay higher taxes. Colleges will never be completely free, but Obama’s program would have made it cheaper.

According to Quartz, “Further, Trump will also reject President Obama’s proposal for a state-federal partnership to make community college free for new high school graduates.” This article goes deeper to explain how Trump does not support free college education.

College should be free for students graduating high school because kids need to learn how to begin their career. College puts students in debt thousands of dollars. College should be cheaper or free so we can have smarter and harder workers.

Paying higher taxes will be worth it if we better the future of America with education and money.