Video Games and Their Link to Gun Violence

Video Games and Their Link to Gun Violence

Zachary Ebey, Contributor

Do video games cause gun violence? No, video games do not cause gun violence–experts say there is no link to it (CBS News). People are so fast to blame video games because they don’t have anything else to blame. I think it all has to do with where the person grew up and what they chose to do with their lives.

It depends on what the home life was like for that person in particular because of the hatred that can be built up from either abuse or being called a disappointment. It can also be created by being called names or by simply being ignored by the parent or siblings. James Ivory also agrees with this area of discussion (CBS News).

When it come to school life, it’s a whole different story of things that might cause gun violence. Gun violence has a more likely chance of happening when it comes to a student that is not happy with their life or is unhappy with the people around them.

When people play video games they might be happy or serious. But when they get mad, they might break the item they are using or objects around them. Anyone can go on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, etc. and find rage compilations to watch people get mad over a game, either live or recorded depending on which site is being viewed.

James Ivory, professor and research director at Virginia Tech, told CBS News, “When it comes to serious violent crime, video games don’t really matter,” (CBS News). Video game violence does not cause gun violence because of three main factors: home life, school life, and emotions.

The reason for this is the student has such a large amount of hatred for said school and its teachers. Another reason might be that it’s the other students judging them or being harsh to them based on money and clothing. As far as judgement goes, it might just be the other students as the cause of violence.

Because of the other two main factors, the human mind will be in a confused state where they aren’t sure what is wrong and what is right. Now I might not be a major in psychology, but I do know that when a human has something on their mind, there is a chance they will eventually act on it.

When it comes to violence in a school, or in general, they have this planned out for a little while because of the emotional state they are in. They also may act different at school or just not be there, but wherever they are they have the plan in mind (Alfred University).

However, the emotional state they are in after they play a game — whether it’s scary or rage-inducing — will not turn them into a violent person. Yes, there are some games that are animated shooter games that look fun and can cause rage or anger, but that does not mean players will turn more violent solely because of a game. So do video games really cause gun violence?