It’s About More Than Just Food


Kenzie Moten, Contributer

The culinary class at Ashley Ridge is prepping up for more than just food, they’re prepping for life lessons as well. From delicious cake to savory hickory BBQ to ripe salads, culinary has it all. Culinary isn’t just a food class; it is a skill every student should have before entering the real world.

No food is wasted in the process, according to Chef West. Culinary plays a huge part in agriculture at AR; the scraps from the department are fed to the hogs in agriculture.

Chef West would like to start a recycling program at the school as well and his point was,”Recycling in the US might be gone because China is not taking a lot of our recycling anymore and China is a country we send all recycling to.” West incorporates these ideas into his culinary classes and has students think and act for a brighter future.

It’s 2020 and men are still dominant in the food restaurant business, but within Chef Blank’s and Chef West’s classes, it’s evenly distributed between males and females. According to West, the stereotype in which women are the caregiver and cook at home is changing in today’s society. Men and women both contribute to food service and restaurant business.

This culinary program enlightens the students cooking skills, critical thinking skills, and time management to become better citizens in the world. Other than cooking, this class offers teamwork, communication, math skills and knowledge of recipes, according to Blank.

The business part of the class extends outside of the kitchen, where students create their own food, menu and prices, just like a food truck would. This is super important to expand students’ knowledge on professions that corresponds to society’s needs.

This class is truly about more than just food.