Many Swimmers Have Their Eyes on Gold at the 2020 Tokyo Games

Many Swimmers Have Their Eyes on Gold at the 2020 Tokyo Games

Lily Earwood, Contributor

Over time there have been many successful Olympic athletes, but there is no denying it is not an accident the best is a swimmer. Throughout his career, Micheal Phelps has won a total of 28 medals from the five Olympic Summer Games he has participated in.

Now, an upcoming new generation of swimmers have come to take his place. With the upcoming Olympic season in Tokyo on the horizon, many competitors have their eyes fixed on winning another gold medal (South China Morning Post).

Caeleb Dressel, an already successful American swimmer, has his sights set on gold in the 2020 Tokyo games. Even as just a 23-year-old, he has already achieved 24 medals total with 19 of those as gold. His first gold was won in Rio in the US men’s 4x100m freestyle relay with Phelps, Ryan Held, and Nathan Adrian as his teammates.

Almost right after, he won his second in the medley relay. Ever since Phelps has retired, everyone has viewed Dressel as the ‘new Michael Phelps,’ considering he keeps surpassing records (Team USA).

19-year old Canadian swimmer Maggie Macneil is also preparing to win gold at the 2020 Olympics. Macneil has already placed one gold and two bronze medals.

When she was a teenager, she did not compete in 2016 Rio games. However, in the 2019 World Championship, she has come back to win gold in the 100 fly event against Sarah Sjostrom, the four-time world champion and who had placed gold in Rio 2016. Additionally, she won a bronze medal in 400 Freestyle Relay and and the 400 Medley Relay (SwimSwam).

Regan Smith, a 17-year-old American swimmer, has already won six medals at an international level, even though she is so young. In the 2019 FINA World Championship held in South Korea, she set the world record for 200m backstroke, taking Missy Franklin’s last world record holder.

Later in that same meet, Smith went on to break the 400m Women’s Medley Relay record with her team of Olympic champions, such Lilly King, Kelsi Dahlia and Simone Manuel, with the time of 57.57 seconds. Now she is set on winning another gold title in 2020 (Sports Illustrated).

Michael Andrews, the 20-year-old American swimmer, is just as ready as the others. Starting his career at the shocking age of 14, he missed the Rio qualifying. He won his first gold medal in 2015 at the age of about 16 years old.

He has taken interest of many because of his unusual training methods which have earned him a total of 20 medals so far. His training involving practicing repeatedly at race pace. Andrews is also the first man to ever make the 2019 50m in all four strokes (South China Morning Post).

The 19-year-old Hungarian swimmer, Kristof Milak, has already won seven international medals, six of them being gold. In 2017, he beat the World Junior Record for 100m Butterfly for the third time in two days with a 50.62. Three of his gold medals were won at the 2018 Youth Olympics held in Buenos Aires, but Milak is most widely known for breaking Michael Phelp’s record of the 200m butterfly with the time of 1:50.73 (SwimSwam).

Andrei Minakov has set his goals for gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This 17-year-old Russian swimmer beat the Russian record for 100m Fly held by Egor Kuimov with the time of 51.12 seconds. He came home from Buenos Aires with six gold medals, seven total. Additionally, he set another national record for the 400m medley relay (South China Morning Post).