Largest NFL player listed

Largest NFL player listed

Claudiaholl, Contributor

Aaron Gibson is currently the heaviest NFL player. He has weighed in at as high as 410.

Aaron currently isn’t playing, but at the times he was, he took part of three teams and 38 games, 34 of which he started in. He also played in both high school and college.

High school records say he weighed in at 440. He played two different positions in football and also participating in track in high school.

His positions were right tackle and tight end. He was also said to be the first person in school history to be given the Lombardi Award and the Outland trophy.

During the draft, he was written in at 6′ 7″ and 386 pounds. He was then picked by the Detroit Lions, being their 27th pick. In 2001 after his shoulder injury, he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and was officially listed as 400 pounds.

He is currently age 42, weight 375,and height is listed as 6’6″.