6’3 NBA Player is One of The Most Valued Players


Amaya Mansman, Contributor

Multi-millionaire known as Wardell Stephen Curry II is one of the most valued NBA players currently. He’s been taking a break from the NBA due to recovery, but he is still talked about daily. Curry plays for the Golden State Warriors.

His journey of basketball began in Akron, Ohio at just five years old growing up with two athletic parents.

According to Oral history’s article, Steph Curry’s mark on Davidson, NCAA tournament,” Steph Curry made his first slam dunk freshman year at Davidson. This was a huge moment for him, he not only dunked that day, but started to get noticed, believing he had more potential than he did.

Later, Curry got drafted for the NBA to play in 2009. He chose the jersey number 30 for his father because his dad inspired him to always be better and try harder, and that was his father’s basketball number. The article from USA Today called “Steph Curry explains why he couldn’t wear N0. 30 in HS,” explains this further on.

Since 2009 and the beginning of the biggest part of his life, he has been one of the most famous NBA players and has become a millionaire in just a few years.

Just like any other athlete, Stephen Curry has had his highs and lows. In November, he broke his left hand during the Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns game.  As stated from CNN’s article, “Grabbed wrist immediately went to locker room.” Many all over twitter were sincere and prayed for a good recovery.

Most recently, Curry vowed to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. His fans are excited to hear that the upcoming representative for the U.S. may end up being their favorite NBA star. ESPN quoted Steph himself and he said, “That is the plan, for sure.” More information about this event is in the article “Curry commits to Olympics.”

Wardell Stephen Curry is one of the best NBA players today for his achievements. He’s been MVP twice and has his own shoe brand. He’s made the most three-pointers in one season, and is known to be in the top three best shooters in the NBA currently. Curry has 1,353 points.