Clemson Looking to Dominate 2020 Season

Clemson Looking to Dominate 2020 Season

Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Contributer

The 2020-2021 season looks very bright for Clemson football.

Following their National Championship appearance, Clemson has one of the most talented rosters going into next season. They also have the number one recruiting class in the nation. Adding to the talented roster, Clemson is favored to go undefeated with their weaker schedule.

Clemson’s star studded roster is led by returning quarterback Trevor Lawrence and receiver Justyn Ross. Clemson is looking to return six players on offense and another six players on defense. Although they are losing key players on defense, the upcoming freshmen are hoping to fill the needed spots.

Along with their talent-filled roster, Clemson has the number one nationally ranked recruiting class(247sports). Having a total of 23 ranked commits, six of the 23 commits are five-star recruits and 11 recruits are 4-star. Clemson recruited five of the top 25 players in the nation (247sports).

Along with Clemson’s star-studded roster, they have one of the weaker schedule’s for an ACC team. They only face two preseason ranked teams (bleacherreport). The ranked teams they will play are #8 Notre Dame, and #22 North Carolina. The rest of the schedule are teams that did not finish in the top 25 in the 19-20 season.

After coming up short in the 19-20 season, Clemson is returning a star powered roster and a highly recruited freshman class. Added with a not-so competitive schedule, Clemson, the #1 ranked preseason team, is the odds on favorite to win the national championship.