Runner Anna Lloyd Tells Her Story


Hailey Brinson, Contributor

Anna Lloyd to the average eye may seem like your typical fifteen-year-old teenage girl, however the people who truly know her get to see an entirely different side. Currently a resident of Summerville, S.C., Lloyd previously resided in Milwakee, Wis. As a part of starting high school, she wanted a team to commit and devote her talents to in order to be a part of something special.

Not being so sure if running for a sport would be the right fit for her, Lloyd claims she knew she wanted to continue after the first couple of meets. “Molly encouraged me to sign up and experienced team members inspired me to stay,” Lloyd tells us as she explains the thoughts of a close friend. She continues to state how much her coaches and teammates inspire her to stay.

Now 2 seasons in, she comes to us with open arms and advice for new runners, including those looking to join the team. Lloyd advises, “Progress is not quick; focus on pushing yourself and it will come,” and, “To prepare for meets, I stretch, stay loose and drink water.” Track and cross-country meets are two completely different things and Lloyd, favoring track, currently holds the Region Championship title for the Women’s 4×8. She mentions that things are beneficial at both types of events.

Sticking with a good pace and always pushing yourself to be the best runner is something very important to Lloyd herself. “Injuries are always persistent and it takes a lot of mental strength,” she explains as a hardship or challenge faced while running.

As time goes on, she becomes more and more experienced and continues to grow in her strengths, further demolishing her weaknesses. Lloyd has grown to become a key member of the Ashley Ridge track and cross-country program(s). Pushing through injuries, challenges, and celebrating her successes along the way, it truly has been a pleasure to watch, and an even bigger honor to be able to call her not only my teammate, but a friend