Saying Farewell to Coach Walker


Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Contribitor

After his twenty-fifth year of coaching and twelfth year at Ashley Ridge, Coach Kenneth Walker steps down as head coach of Ashley Ridge football. Walker said it was time he took a break from coaching. After a 3-6 record, walker explained his stepping down as “Time, a lot of it had to do with time.”

The first and only head coach at Ashley Ridge, Coach Walker said that he is “taking a little break, and will probably go back into it in the near future.” Being the most winning-est coach in the school’s young history, he answered that “Preparation, and seeing kids develop, and the process is what I enjoyed the most.”

Walker also added that his coaching days are to be continued, and after talking to several players, he will be missed.

After hearing the news, coaches and many players were surprised and taken back by the news. But after talking to many of the players, they (myself included) will miss Coach Walker and are glad for the opportunities that he gave all of his players.

After twenty-five years of coaching, Coach Walker will be missed by all his former players, and assistant coaches. We all should thank him for the development of the program and the opportunities he gave all of his players and everyone he affected.