The History that Forms Sean McCawley


Zachary Ebey, Contributor

Sean McCawley was born 1992 in Chapin, South Carolina just outside of Columbia. McCawley went to Winthrop University and got his bachelor’s, as well as his master’s, in teaching. It is his third year working at Ashley Ridge as a teacher, but fourth year over all teaching. He is also the faculty adviser for Model UN.

McCawley is a history teacher as well as the boy’s and girl’s varsity tennis coach. He generally likes to stay in contact with his fraternity brothers (his friends) in college that live in the same area as well as his family, but more so his sister because she is the only one in the family that lives nearby. McCawley also likes to play in different tennis leagues and get out more because, ironically, he gets antsy, even though he is a teacher that gets stuck inside all day.

When Sean McCawley was young, his motivation to play tennis was his family. It all started with McCawley’s grandmother when she was in her sixties so she could stay active and healthy. After that, McCawley’s grandfather started to play tennis, which led to McCawley’s mother to join in.

He and his sister would tag along with his mother and watch her play tennis while they were playing on the playground. Sometimes, McCawley and his family would go down to the Charleston area for vacation and they would take tennis lessons or do clinics and that’s how he was introduced to the sport.

He started to get more competitive when he got into high school and his sister went to a tennis camp, where she ended up making the varsity tennis team her freshman year. Once he saw his sister playing well, he thought that he could do better than her because of the fact that his family was very competitive.

McCawley generally has an open mind when it comes to his students to get rid of some restrictions. He keeps an open environment so the students feel comfortable enough to share any problems they have.

He helps them in the classroom by always giving room to improve, especially when it comes to re-explaining things because they didn’t get it the first time. He also allows the students to give another perspective on the subject to help them understand what he is trying to explain. He does this so it adds value to the way they learn and help students with their education.

When it comes to politics, McCawley would like to change how policies are made in the government, whether it’s through an elected position or as a career. One of the biggest ones that he would work toward is reforming the education system to change the 19th century educational construct.

He would like to update the the entire system, but not with more technology with apps that we may use, but the entire structure the school follows. He believes that the monetary value either blinded or made people ignorant to some of the bigger issues that occur within our world.

He understands there is always an economic toll for trying to help out other people. He doesn’t want to use the word corruption, but influence and special interest play a part simply because the more powerful people have deeper pockets than others. The more money in the government, the more it subverts democracy and the people.

In the future, McCawley would like to have kids, but he said he will put some expectations on to them. It’s all because of the expectations of his father when it came to history class.

His dad is an archivist at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. His dad always expected that he and his siblings would have an A in that class. If they had a B, then it was because they were slacking off. They had already learned the subjects, so it should have been review to them.

His dad wouldn’t be mad if they got a 93 on the test; he would just be disappointed that they could have scored higher. His dad wasn’t saying they weren’t ever good enough for him, it was because he knew they could do better than that. And that is the history of Sean McCawley and how he is such a great teacher as well as a person.