ARHS’ Varsity Player, Evan Logan, Talks Basketball


Claudiaholl, Contributor

Evan C. Logan is a  5’8″, 18-year-old senior varsity basketball player for Ashley Ridge, and this year, he is sporting number 11. He has been a Swamp Fox since the middle of his sophomore year (2017-2018 school year). After trying out for the basketball team his first year, he made varsity.

Logan is from Indiana, where he found his love of basketball through his older brother. He has been playing for about 12 years and found his true love for it about seven years ago. He began playing for teams in middle school before moving to South Carolina. His older brother was his real inspiration for the sport and the one who showed him how to really love it.

Basketball isn’t the only sport Indiana showed Logan to love: he also played soccer his freshman year. While he loved soccer, basketball is his sport.

Logan believes anyone can do it with hard work and gym time. He also believes his personal best skill is the three-point shot.

His best game was “Hoops for Hope” against Summerville High School in 2019. During this game, he put up a total of 21 points. He loved this game because he wasn’t stressing about it, he was having fun and playing his game!

During a region game against West Ashley, Logan put up 19 points.

For anyone starting out, Logan would like to say “Just play your game, prove to all your doubters… focus on what you do best.”

His current stats are ten points a game: 78% from the free throw line, four rebounds per game, and two steals a game.

His coach, Coach Capers, when interviewed about Logan, said, “[He is] extremely hard working, hustles the most on the team, and I would say plays the hardest.” Capers believes even if it wasn’t playing basketball, Logan is an athlete and he would always be playing a sport in high school. Since meeting Logan, Capers says his biggest improvement since meeting would be dribbling.