Mrs. Scwieger Inspires Students & Art

As teens in high school, we have lots of things to balance. Things like school, family, a social life and possibly even jobs. It can be very stress-inducing at times. Because of these things, it is important for us to find things that de-stress us or calm us down after a crazy or long day.

Ashley Ridge art teacher, Ms. Schwieger, has taught here for 10 years. She’s taught Photography 1-4, AP 2-D Design, Drawing and Painting, Art 1, and is currently teaching 3-D Design 1-3 and AP. Not only is she a fantastic art teacher, but she’s an amazing mother, with two daughters.

For Ms. Schwieger, making art to calm down, deal with anxiety or de-stress, is a necessity. “There’s a saying,” she says, “Do what lights a fire in you.” She went on to explain the importance of embracing and cultivating your talents to help have a happy life.

For those who find it hard to express yourself with words, art is a great outlet. And though it may seem hard to figure out what to do if you’re stressed, make the art you’re interested in and choose by interest and intuition.

Ms. Schwieger feels there is no specific time to create art; the best time you can create art is when you need to create it, and that art should also be created where you feel comfortable. She says that when you’re feeling creative or feel like you need to create something, “Ride the momentum train”.

Art also doesn’t have to be for others to see. “Your audience can be just you,” she said. It could be your peers and people online.

Many of her students have been able to find a safe space within her classroom.