Sports Icons Competing in 2020 Olympics

Sports Icons Competing in 2020 Olympics

Kenzie Moten, Contributor

Are you ready for summer? Or even better, are you excited for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan?

Every four years, the summer Olympics are held, but this year is going to be extra special since it’s a new decade, which brings new beginnings. Talented people all across the globe get one shot at bringing home the ultimate victory for their country.

First off, just getting the invite or qualifications to be in the Olympics itself is already a dream come true for so many.

It is reasonable to assume that NBA Star Lebron James might take it home for us this coming July. James won the U.S. two gold medals and one bronze throughout the years. He has been to the Olympics three times over a span of 12 years, which is amazing. Can he continue at age 35?

Other big sports icons are already turning heads in the sports world, too. Sydney McLaughlin, Caroline Marks, and Simon Biles are about to drop some heat on these upcoming games.

Since the retirement of known American swimmer, Michael Phelps and the fastest man in the world, Usian Bolt, the spotlight is now focused on gymnastics. Will anybody come close to beating Simone Biles with 30 Olympic medals? The competition is definitely rising because of her really strong run in Rio de Janero.

There is some speculation about safety going on since the Corona Virus outbreak, and it has become a concern. Many participants from all over the globe are coming to Japan, and there are over 100 cases of the virus, but with quarantine areas all around, the outbreak shouldn’t even be a problem.

Dreams will come true and medals will be added into participants’ cases.

You can watch or stream the 2020 Olympics on NBC, CNBC, NBC Sports and so much more!