The Beautiful Art of Black History Month


Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Contributor

Black History Month is a time where we recognize the important roles African-Americans have in our society, and the achievements they have accomplished.  Throughout those accomplishments, and all the barriers they have broken, beautiful art has come from their rise.

First nationally recognized in 1976, Black History Month has provided an abundant amount of priceless art. Pieces by famous artists such as Michel Basquiat, and Henry Osswaw Tanner. Black History Month art has produced some of the all time classic pieces such as Nwantinti by Nijdeka Crosby.

Not only is Black History Month art beautiful, they are some of the most expensive pieces of art around. As of 2017, Michel Basquiat’s Untitled became the most expensive art piece by an American ever (The Guardian). This was just another of the marvelous collections of art.

The magnificent collection that has been produced from Black History Month are not only classic pieces, but some of the pieces are the most expensive and sought after art there is. Black History Month is a time to recognize the importance of African Americans in our society, and through their rise, and struggle beautiful pieces of art have arose.