Respecting Our School


Julie Beniash, Writer/Editor

When you were younger, were you taught to respect other people’s things?  In school many years ago, kids learned respect and how to treat others and their property.

At Ashley Ridge High School, a problem has arisen.  The leadership and art students have worked numerous months painting school bathrooms.  Some students gave up their lunch time or came in after school in attempt to finish the bathrooms so the students have positive things on the walls.  The school has spent thousands in paint and supplies, and some people decided to draw all over their hard work, including writing negative comments on top of all the hard work.

Writing on the bathroom walls about your love life or problems is not benefiting you in any way. Writing horrible things about people in our school on the walls may hurt them or make them feel uncomfortable.  It is never okay to diminish someone’s worth to make you feel good.

Ashton Kirkpatrick talks about how he helped and how he feels about the disrespect from the students writing over their art work.  Kirkpatrick was asked how long it took to paint the bathrooms.  He responded by saying, “Almost a full quarter, and I helped outside of class time a lot.”

He continued to express how he feels about the graffiti.  He says, “I laughed, but I felt disrespected and sad.  This took a lot of work.”

Kirkpatrick had one question that was very important: “What’s going to happen if they get caught?”  Mrs. Radcliffe  mentioned over the morning announcements that the kids would be put up for expulsion.  He agreed with the punishment.

If anyone see’s anything, let Ms. Campbell know in D222.