Stranger Things releases a new trailer out of the blue

Abigail Quinn, Contributor

Warning! Spoilers ahead for the new trailer of Stranger Things: Season Four!

As of 9 a.m. Friday morning, many of the actors of the popular Netflix show Stranger Things posted the brand new trailer for season four completely unannounced and without warning, leaving many fans in shock and excitement.

Months ago, the cast and crew released the first teaser images for the upcoming season that was supposed to begin filming, according to fan speculation, in late December.  It has been some time since we’ve seen anything Stranger Things related from anyone, including on fan-sites or from the actors or film crew. A few fans, however, have theorized that this trailer has been on its way for some time.

And of course no trailer would be complete without the hook that snags gaping fans and draws them in for the long haul. The hook for this particular trailer, of course, is the surprise appearance of fan-favorite character Jim Hopper, played by actor David Harbour. Some fans are surprised that Officer Hopper makes a return after his “death” at the end of season three, others speculated that there was no way that they’d kill off such a vital character.

The Officer Hopper in question is shown in the trailer in what we can only assume is Russia, according to the location tag of actor Finn Wolfhard’s post of the trailer, as well multiple actors’ accounts captioning the trailer with something related to Russia, often mentioning the location by name.

As the snowy scene develops, Russian chatter and similar Russian choral music plays in the background, paired with the grunting of men hammering spikes into a rail road track as they are watched by men with large guns in burly, fur coats. The music crescendos to a roar as the camera pans to one man in particular who then proceeds to stand, remove his hat and wipe his brow, revealing the familiar surly face of the one and only Officer Hopper. The screen then abruptly cuts to black followed by the familiar chittering of the cold-blooded killer from each of the seasons, the infamous Demogorgon.

Details continue to develop as this article is published. If you would like to see the trailer for yourself, check out the official Stranger Things Instagram account “@strangerthingstv,” or any of the actors’ Twitter or Instagram pages.