Is Out of School Suspension Ineffective Discipline?

Is Out of School Suspension Ineffective Discipline?

Zachary Ebey, Contributor

Out of school discipline is the most ineffective when it comes to the new generation of kids. The fact of it is that when you take them out of school, they will just sit in a corner, go to their room, play video games, still vape/do drugs, etc. depending on the family and students. On a website called CPI, it explains that, “In the 2015-2016 school year alone, students lost more than 11 million school days to out-of-school suspensions”.

It further explains how many hours students have lost accumulating up to about “66 million hours of instruction time lost” and “63,000+ years’ worth of learning”. Now, many can understand that they need to be out of school for various reasons, but at what cost? In-school suspension would make more sense due to the fact that they are still at school doing their work while being monitored without being distracted.

Students won’t be able to learn or become more well behaved due to the fact of them being outside of school. Students will be less educated for the world and how it works without the knowledge that the school is giving. In the site CPI, they agree with this claiming that, “All students are harmed by a loss of direct instruction time. But the authors of “11 Million Days Lost” found that lost time wasn’t equally distributed across student populations.

They also state that the students that are out of school are more likely to do crime; “Students who were suspended were less likely to graduate high school or college, and more likely to get arrested or to be on probation”. With that being said, schools should keep students in school regardless of the problems that occur. And if it is too much of a problem with the students, then keep them in different rooms.

The students aren’t wild beasts that can’t be controlled; they need to be understood in the matter, regardless of the fact that they got in trouble. Isolating them won’t always fix the problem; the problem might be out of school. If they are having a lot of trouble, then try to talk to them instead of treating them like a child even if they might act like one. Try to calm them before the matter gets worse than it should be: Not saying how to do the job and just giving a pearl of wisdom that might help.

Knowing how the student feels and also knowing the situation could give you an advantage. The article “How to Teach Now” suggests that, “In some cases, teachers did forge personal connections with students, often when the personality of the student and teacher were compatible or when they shared a common interest”. So with that, teachers should try to bond with their students to form a better friendship so they will come to an understanding.

One more thing: when parents hit their students (children), it doesn’t always teach them from right or wrong. That doesn’t mean to hit them harder; that will only make the fire bigger than it already is. But disciplining the students (children) is still a important factor that needs to be inserted in their lives. Students, don’t fight with other people, just let it go, take it to the police, or completely disregard my advice. Either way, comment below if you agree or disagree and why.