Time Management Is Key


Amaya Mansman, Contributor

Being a teenager can be very complicated, but not always bad if you manage time well. Teens have the most trouble when adulthood begins. Examples include making time for a job, school, sports, family, and friends.

When having a job, the best thing to do is always have patience with the people you work around and the people you may be dealing with. Any money you don’t use after receiving a paycheck should be saved, or you can set aside two options of money: one option for spending and the other for saving.

Working the weekends may not always be the best idea because you want to make time for your other priorities. Weekends at certain jobs can be easier than others, but if you are a well-rounded person, work may be best for after school.

The more money saved or made can be spent doing more for yourself and others.

In school, there are days that are going bad, focusing is hard, and doing work is the last thing you want to worry about. Days like that are normal, but not doing work after so many bad days becomes a habit. The best way to get around being unmotivated in school is stick to real, good friends.

Feeling unmotivated for school is a big habit everyone goes through, but the hard work you put in and finish will pay off later in your life.

Going to practice and actually showing up is key when it comes to sports. Sports should always be considered a second option, especially if you don’t know what you want to do when your older.

Applying for scholarships and having good sportsmanship could get you very far. Managing your time with others and sports could consist of you inviting them to your games.

Family can understand better than anyone else when you become busy and would rather make time for others. Even though that can be true, family should never come last. Doing small things, even if it’s just watching a movie, are key and very important to them.

Making time for your friends in school and out of school is important too. If you are busy just be open and honest about that.

Be there for them when they are having bad days because a teen being there for the other is always easier because they are the same as you. Be the type of friend you always wish you could have. Friendships will never be perfect, but never judge based on the things you go through.

Managing your time as a teenager is hard, but going about it the right way with the right energy will help you majorly.