Astros Cheating Scandal Creating Controversy Everywhere


Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Contributor

The 2017 World Series Champions, the Houston Astros, were accurately accused of sign stealing in their 2017 championship season. They were clearly one of the top teams in the 2017 season and many are blaming their success on their cheating.

Sign stealing in baseball is a major advantage for the hitters; it is the action of knowing what the pitcher is going to throw before he throws it. This is what the Houston Astros did throughout the season. This was a major factor in any game they played.

Numerous players have commented on the scandal. Players such as superstar Mike Trout and Aaron Judge are saying that the cheating is inexcusable and offensive to the game. Basketball star Lebron James also commented that the cheating would make him “irate”

The Astros released an apology last week open to media. Although intentions were good, the apology from team owner Jim Crane seemed like they were not sorry. The players who were in the most awkward position seemed to acknowledge the cheating, but as said by Carlos Correa, “We feel bad as a team, don’t think that we feel great because we cheated that year and got away with it” (

The Astros started their spring training games on Feb. 22, and the opposing crowds reacted to the cheating scandal with numerous posters mocking the Astros and almost every fan of both sides booing the Astros.

The Houston Astros sign stealing scandal is one of the biggest controversies in baseball’s long history. The cheating was inexcusable, and the team can’t excuse the scandal. Hopefully the baseball community can move forward in a positive way.