I’m Not Just a Grade


Kenzie Moten, Contributor

A=100-90, B=89-80, C=79-70, D=69-60, F=59-below. These are just grades, yet these numbers determine so much.

I doubt that a parent would look at their child as just a numeric grade, so why does our school system? The school system is flawed in itself: students now just focus on passing the upcoming test instead of gaining the knowledge and learning it for life.

Many students feel stuck, stressed, and are going through their own personal issues at home. Tests left and right do not prepare a student for life or a real job.

Tests, in fact, do not prove a person’s intelligence. Some kids can be perfectly book smart, but lack common sense and a good heart.

Schools need to teach actual work skills, social skills, and life skills, from balancing check books to how to change a car tire to human decency.

Leadership at AR does, though. The leadership class teaches finacial literacy, which is knowledge of keeping up with your money and dealing with it in general.

But that is only one class.

Schools are so worried about a student’s grades rather than teaching the fundamentals of human survival. Yes, I am aware that without tests what information or basis is there to show for? Without tests and grades, students would not work as hard or put any effort into what they are doing, but the lengths of testing is outrageous and too much to account for.

An ARHS English teacher, Dr. Ashley Bower, puts heavy emphasis on the situation by adding, “In order for students to be college and career ready, they have to have an understanding or basics of personal finance.” Students have no idea how to do their taxes and fear their future.

In South Carolina, teachers must test because the more tests accounted for and the higher the scores, the higher the funding for the school. The school system is messed up; why do students scores determine where money goes? Most of the people who make these decisions have never even worked as a teacher or stepped foot into a public high school.

Education is vital, not just for students, but for an entire civilization. Without the simple knowledge of budgeting, salary, taxes and any career basis, the future cannot look so bright. Everyone can be successful given the education on fundamental simulations of the real world.