Christine Brunson and Her Amazing Art


Gavin Huston, Contributor

Christine Brunson, a comic book writer and colorist, is making art and comic books to entertain people. Brunson is 37 and was born in St. George, S.C. She currently works at home and is happily married with one child.

She started drawing and sketching when she was in elementary school. She has said her favorite comic book series and inspiration is Sailor Moon. Her main theme she draws in is a ‘cutesy’ way.

She has released multiple comics, including Undead Norm and Bittersweet Sentinels, and has colored some comics, such as Amazing Age. Her career is growing with every new project she does.

When she first started her artwork career, her father did not understand it. Now, he is proud of her and what she does. Her whole family is supportive of her as well.

She is a very talented artist and sells her artwork in conventions and online. Her career is going to expand with her current comic series she is working on (Bittersweet Sentinels). She is definitely a person you would want to check out if you are interested in art.