Academic Award Ceremony


Juniors Jayla Ball and Abby Sellers at the 2014 Academic Award Ceremony

Ashley Ridge’s Academic Award Ceremony will be on Monday, October 5th 7:00 pm in the Main gym.

Students had to have A’s and B’s all quarter to receive an Academic letter. Academic letters and medals are  awarded to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors each year. The AR students worked really hard as they studied, contributed to the school, and went to tutoring throughout the past year in order to receive an Academic letter for this year.  

The Academic Award recipients were asked to name one teacher who inspired, encouraged, and influenced their academic success. These teachers will be invited to celebrate the student’s hard work at the ceremony along with their family and friends.

However, for those students who  didn’t get one this year, you can receive one next year. Make sure to study and keep track of your grades, and we’ll see you there next year. Congratulations to the students who were nominated for the Academic Letters!