Should Students be Allowed More Than Ten Missed Days in a School Year?


Claudia Holl, Contributor

If students continue to be told they can only miss ten days a school year, their grades will continue to suffer. If students have ten missed days, they are told they will fail the course, which is extra stress on top of everything else students have going on in high school.

A school year is 180 school days and with ten days allowed to miss, students must go every 18. However, things get messy when it comes to doctors or appointments and not having a pass for it. Sometimes, students just need a break, especially when they are trying to juggle things such as jobs or sports.

I understand that some students would take advantage of a new missed days rule, but others may need it. Rules are rules for a reason: the schools would have to put in a strict amount of days to miss even with parent note (which is counted different than an actual excuse).

Some things in high school are hard on students emotionally and physically. If the rule was up to even 15 days, students would have a missed day every 12 days. Sometimes, kids get sick and forget to bring in a note or kids leave town and can’t get a note for that.

Parents and students should not have to feel stressed about attendance on top of everything else both parties haven going on.