Olympics Cancelled

Olympics Cancelled

Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Contributor

The 2020 Olympics are going to be held in Tokyo, Japan, but due to the recent outbreaks and spreading of the Coronavirus, the Olympics have announced they will postpone the games until Summer 2021.

COVID-19, or more commonly known as the Corona virus, is a lethal virus that causes people to have symptoms of a common cold, to more severe diseases such as MERS-COV (Who.int).

The virus’s first outbreak happened in China and due to the relative closeness to Japan, many were wondering if the Olympics could be affected by the disease. There have been very few cases of the Corona virus in Japan, but due to the virus being highly contagious, full precautions must be taken.

These Olympic games were anticipated to be one of the most viewed and attended Olympics in a long time. The games were adding five new sports: Baseball/Softball, Karate, Skateboarding, Sport Climbing and Surfing (Olympics.org). The games sold 4.48 million tickets to the residents of Japan alone, more than half of what the organizing committee will be able to sell (wsj.com).