“I Am Not Okay With This” Review


Riley Minor, Contributor

On Feb. 6, Netflix officially released a new Netflix original TV show titled “I Am Not Okay With This”.

The show has a coming-of-age feeling to it, with a super-natural twist. It focuses on Syd (Sophia Lillis) discovering herself, going through highschool, and dealing with the supernatural things she can do while figuring out her feelings for her friends Dina (Sofia Bryant) and Stan (Wyatt Oleff).

Syd feels like a background character in her own life, which causes a lot of conflict between her and the people around her, especially her friend Dina.

It has many aesthetically pleasing shots in it that make you feel on edge and curious as to what will happen, especially in the last episode, which left fans on a huge cliffhanger and eager for a second season.

It is a quick and easy watch for when you’re bored at home, sick, or just need some background noise.