The Amount of Homework in Schools Needs to be Reduced


Lily Earwood, Contributor

When I get out of school for the day, all I want to do is take a break from the schoolwork and learning to rest, eat dinner, and watch television. But instead, when teachers from each class start to assign more and more homework, the amount adds up until I’m so deep in a pile of homework, I have no time to do anything else. Often, I find myself staying up late to complete homework that I’ve been assigned instead of going to sleep at a decent hour. But the real question is, does homework really benefit students in school?

There is too much homework given in school. Students attend school all day just to go home to continue working for hours on worksheets or online assignments. Sleep is very important for teenagers and when they’re given so much homework, it is hard to go to sleep at a reasonable time (Classcraft).

Additionally, particular students can study uninterrupted for hours while another student in the same classes can only concentrate for thirty minutes or an hour. If homework should be assigned, it would be better if teachers could personalize homework for students even if that would mean more time spent lesson-planning for the teacher. Teachers’ classes are also very overcrowded, making it harder for them to do this. But with altered homework to meet a student’s learning capacity, it could help a student truly understand the lesson instead of that student just memorizing the information seconds before the test.

Teachers should also remember that many people in their classes have after-school activities they enjoy. When too much homework is given, it make student lose important time with their sports teams, families, and friends. Homework can cause alienation because the student has to spend so much time alone completing each task.

Homework can also stress out the parents of the child because they may have limited education and homework also increases fights by 200% between parent and child. Also, more than 56% of students say that the reason they’re stressed about school is because of the overwhelming amounts of work given. Studies show that for high school students, they are receiving 210 minutes of work each night (Healthline).

Students return from a busy day at school just to be met with more problems found in homework. Homework and life needs to be balanced and most of the time, homework seems to overrule. It is proven that each week, the average American student does more homework than one in another country. The amount of homework given needs to be changed to give teenagers a happier and healthier lifestyle (Time).