Tik Tok Trend Lands Young Teen to Hospital


Riley Minor, Contributor

The app Tik Tok is a video app where people of all ages come together and make funny videos. Dances, jokes, music, and challenges are all popular on the app.

One of the most recent Tik Tok challenges is called the ‘skull-breaker challenge’ where three people stand beside each other and the two on the outside kick the middle persons legs, making them fall to the ground and hit their skull (hence the name skull breaker) on the ground.

This challenge has had many cases resulting in children and teens getting taken to the hospital and suffering from concussions, various head injuries, and seizures.

On March third, a prosecutor in New Jersey snapped and charged two minors,who had participated in the trend, with “third degree aggravated assault and third degree endangering a victim”. This challenge caused a 13-year-old boy to suffer head injuries and a seizure (The Washington Post)

A representative of Tik Tok spoke out about their policy on harmful content saying, “It’s not going to make you Tik Tok famous, so don’t do it. It’s not fun. It’s not funny.”