Ladies And Gentlemen May I Present To You: The Wildest Creatures Dancing For You


Kenzie Moten, Contributor

We, as humans, are drawn to animals: the peculiarities, the cute faces, and just our basic curiosity. But what happens when you push them too much? That cute face turns vicious, although for them it’s a second-nature survival response.

The circus: huge red balloons, smiling wide faces, quite noisy, and maybe an elephant balancing on a ball. In some circuses, there is an even a lion tamer. While this might sound nice, animals aren’t made to do these ridiculous tricks.

Wild animals belong in the wild: their habitat is not a circus. Thousands of animals are stripped from their habitat and trained for years to perform for entertainment. Yes, animals have memories, and when you strip them from their mother, you’ve already caused the animal trauma. Therefore, when it comes to an enclosed shelter filled with other animals who might even be prey of that animal, the problem begins.

You can never get rid of an animal’s instincts–an instinct stays in them forever, so when they feel threatened, you will get a bad outcome. The animals endure an unnatural environment spent with humans and must always comply to the chaos.

The lions and tigers learn to perform by being whipped and further placing fear inside. According to, “Animals in circuses become despondent and depressed, and most develop abnormal behavior patterns, including swaying, head-bobbing, and incessant pacing.” So while you’ve paid a price to watch these exotic animals preform for you, they have already taken the largest toll.

These animals are receiving physical abuse and psychological effects; circuses have no positive effect on society.