Khalid Does It Again

the songs single cover.

the songs single cover.

Hailey Brinson, Contributor

Fans of Khalid have been patiently waiting for the release of his new single, “Know Your worth.” Leading up to his release, he posted on his Instagram to update the audience with a countdown and even small clips and spoilers. Near the end of February/beginning of March, the single was finally released and brought into public light.

Khalid Donnel Robinson is an American singer/ songwriter who dominates in the R&B category. He was quickly brought to public fame after the 2016 release of his first album, “American Teen”. In 2018, two anxious years later, Robinson released his album “Suncity”. Then following in 2019, his album “Free Spirit” was dropped. Robinson’s most successful hits consist of, but are not limited to: “Young, Dumb & Broke”, “Location”, “Better”, “Talk” and “Saturday Nights”.

With regards to “Know Your Worth”, the single begins with a medium-paced beat that gradually increases throughout the song to keep listeners entertained.  As always, he provides a soulful and honest song to better connect with his audience. The song is about a non-deserving relationship.

Some of the most powerful lines in the song are, “Find someone who puts you first / Find someone who loves you at your worst.” The song is truly a powerful music choice that everyone can love and blast through their speakers. As Khalid fans are excitedly waiting for the 2020 album release, “Know Your Worth” surely satisfies until then.