What an Outbreak would do to Schools

What an Outbreak would do to Schools

Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Contributor

Schools have procedures for fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and even school intruders. What if a school was to experience a lethal virus outbreak? A school would have to be shut down long enough for the building, and everything in the school to be cleansed.

COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus is a lethal respiratory virus, that is spread through a person coughing, or sneezing. The virus usually attacks elder people, or people with weaker immune system (who.org).

The closing of a school wouldn’t only effect the students, it would effect teachers, school counselors, and everybody else who interacts with the school everyday. There is no average time for a school to be closed–only long enough for the school to sterilize the virus.

Although many districts have disease protocols, they can’t carry out their protocols, because COVID-19 doesn’t have a vaccine. An estimated time for a suitable vaccine would take about 16-18 months, if a suitable vaccine is ever created at all (technologyreview).

As of March 9, 98 school districts have closed due to the virus, and about 4 school districts are expecting to close due to the virus. Most of the closed schools are in Washington, New York, and California (edweek.com).

Although there have been limited outbreaks of the virus in the United States, everybody should make sure to wash their hands, and avoid touching their face, to prevent the spread of the virus, and hopefully no more schools, or any public buildings would have to to close.