Coronovirus — Should Schools be Shut Down?

Coronovirus -- Should Schools be Shut Down?

Zachary Ebey, Contributor

The Corona virus first showed up in China, and since then has been causing panic all over the world. But what do we really know about the virus and how dangerous is it? According to the CDC, the official virus is named SARS-CoV2, but is being referred to as COVID-19. This has been labeled a new respiratory virus. Coronaviruses’ are normally found in people, but this virus is an animal corona virus.

That’s correct; this virus came from a bat. Once again, the CDC has determined that this is a beta corona virus and was most likely originated in China from an animal reservoir. From there, the disease spread from one infected person to another, seemingly targeting older people and those with bad immune systems. That is where, contained in a person, the virus made its way to America.

To put the virus into the right category, we should look at cases and deaths. As of today, the cases have amounted to 938 persons. The death rate is currently at 29. But are these all cases that have been confirmed? No! There are actually only 167 cases that have been confirmed and there are 771 cases under investigation. According to Insider, the death rate of the flu is about .1% while Covid-19 is 3.4%. They are expecting the rate to drop significantly as more cases are discovered.

So how does this spread? According to the CDC the virus is spread by close contact with an infected person or by touching a surface within 6 to 12 hours that an infected person has touched. This means that the recommendations are to wipe down surfaces and wash your hands. Avoid touching the face and mouth.

Back to closing schools, as much as this writer would love a few days off from school, there is no reason to close down the schools. Large crowded areas like Disney World and cruise ships still continue to operate with very little cases. The schools would be better served by passing out sanitizer and wiping all surfaces every day.

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