Disney Releasing Movies Early to Disney+ in Response to COVID-19


Gavin Huston, Contributor

In response to COVID-19, Disney has recently released some new movies to Disney+. They recently released “Frozen 2” to Disney+ ahead of schedule, shortly after it was on DVD. They also plan to release “Onward” to Disney+ on April 4th before it comes out on DVD.

The movie “Onward” is about two elf brothers whose dad is deceased. Their mom gives them a staff and one of them finds out how to bring back their dad for one day. He accidentally ruins the spell, and they have to go on a quest to bring back the rest of their dad.

Disney is thinking of their fans throughout this. Releasing these movies early might also help bring new people to subscribe to Disney+.

Some people may not enjoy Disney as much as others, but they are a business that truly cares about their customers. Remember to watch “Onward” on April 4th!