New Event for Track Team Thought to be Dangerous


Kenzie Moten, Contributor

Javelin was just introduced to high school meets all across South Carolina, and many athletes from all sports are excited to give it a try.

Many people ask “what is the javelin?” A javelin is about 2.5 meters in length and it looks similar to a spear. It is a track-and-field event and is thrown after running on a runway at great speed. The acceleration and object of the sport is to throw it high and at great distance.

Now the sport in itself is fun and unique, but it can leave some major damage. According to Reddit, “if the javelin doesn’t kill you quickly by damaging the heart, lungs, or nervous system, it will do you in from blood loss via the gaping hole it leaves. A solid hit would also stand a good chance of going right through you and leave you bleeding out both sides.”

That is also why javelin is always looked down upon as being just a danger and not a sport, especially at school.

However, at our first track meet at Woodland High, Ashley Ridge placed third for girls javelin and fourth for boys. Overall, that is super impressive considering the javelin team has never done it before.

I, myself participates in javelin and love it! I hope it is at Ashley Ridge for many years to come because everyone deserves to try it out.