COVID-19 Declared a Global Pandemic

COVID-19 Declared a Global Pandemic

Xavier Proctor-Floyd, contributor

COVID-19 more commonly known as the coronavirus has now been declared a global pandemic (WHO). The virus has affected over 118,000 people, and caused around 4,000 deaths world wide (NBC).

In the United State alone, there have been around 1,000 confirmed cases and about 30 deaths from the virus (NBC). Wednesday night, President Donald Trump placed a travel ban in and out of the US to many European countries for the next 30 days. He also addressed the nation about the virus.

The NBA cancelled it’s season, Tom Hanks confirmed he has the coronavirus, schools are closing down, and many other precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

The virus first appeared in China on Dec. 31, 2019. As of March 11, the coronavirus is one of the fastest-growing pandemics ever recorded. Although it is not the most lethal pandemic, estimated time for a working vaccine is about 18 months (MIT).

This global pandemic, although very serious, is nothing to panic about. As an individual, you have to continue to wash your hands thoroughly, and keep good hygiene, and to cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough.