Corona Virus Outbreak Causes Suspension of NBA


Amaya Mansman, Contributor

Early Thursday morning, basketball fans went into shock to find that an NBA basketball player tested positive for the corona virus after many days of being sick.

They are keeping names anonymous for the safety and protection of this player. It is slowly being exposed that the player is Rudy Gobert, who plays for the Utah Jazz team. One case of the corona is currently stopping all of the 2019-2020 season until further notice.

Fans are sad to hear not only a player is in danger, but there is no exact time of when the season will be back. Some fans, do not believe it is this serious, but if one player got it there is a high risk of other players getting it.

Rudy Gobert is currently being quarantined for up to two weeks, and prayers are sent out to him. After, he is quarantined and doing better again there is high hopes the season will shortly continue again.

It was stated directly from the NBA, “Rapidly escalating questions and fears about COVID-19- and how the NBA could best protect its participants and fans- led on Monday a joint decision with other major leagues to close locker rooms to the media”(NBA). Games prior to this were already getting cancelled left and right out of fear for the safety of players, coaches, and those in the arenas.

Decision announced by Adam Silver, it is out of best interests to keep the players and fans as safe as possible until further notice.