Being a New Student at a New School

Being a New Student at a New School

A nightmare almost any student would probably agree with is moving to a new school, no matter what grade they’re in. It’s only natural for anyone to be a bit frightened or nervous by the idea, since diving into the unknown is something we all fear.

Once we get used to something, we tend to not want to change it, as it becomes a part of our lives, and our routine. But what happens when something comes along and changes that? How should we react? What happens when decisions out of our control are at work, changing our lives. The answer that I think is the best fit for all of those questions is that we must learn to adapt.

Just like most people, I never thought I would change my high school. It was my home, and I knew it as such, like the back of my hand. I was comfortable there. I had friends, teachers who I respected, and an attachment to the school itself, so moving was out of the question, even if the world did disagree. Through many unfortunate events though, my resolve quickly dispersed, and I was forced to move to a new school anyways – my senior year at that.

If someone would have asked me if I was nervous about moving, I would have probably said no, and that was the truth. To me, a new school was just that. It’s the same place, just in a different location. School is school, no matter where you go, and I realized that.

School is what you make of it, and if you go into it already knowing that it will be terrible, then it will be. Maybe you might have to leave things behind, make new friends, meet new people, take different classes, but that is life, and we must adapt. Be optimistic, meet new people, and make new friends. Get to know your teachers, and interact in your classes. And most importantly, try to have fun, these 4 years are only a small portion of your life, and so much more awaits you in the future.