Dancing Benefits Everyone


Cadence Rotter, Contributor

Dance has been around for many centuries. Throughout those centuries, there has been many different styles of dances created. One of my personal favorites is dance improvisation. This is when you create your dance within the moment, meaning there is no choreography, you just dance.

I believe that dance can help people with many different things. Some of the more effective things are getting rid of depression, helping your heart, and relieving stress. Many studies have shown that dancing can lower your chances of dying from a disease you may have. (HMS) Dance can also help you lose weight. Most people who want to lose weight tend to dance because it is a very effective and fun way to lose weight.

Dance also can bring people together. Some people have very busy schedules, so dance is a time where they can hang out with friends and have a good time. Some teenagers get their best friends by joining a dance company or just being in a dance class at school. In my dance class, we all started off as strangers and thinking that we would never get along. Now we are all super close and we know we can come to each other about anything.

Dance can help with many different things. It can help strengthen your muscles, boost your memory, and increase your memory (Everyday Health). That is one of the many reasons people dance. And dance isn’t for a specific gender; everyone can dance: kids, adults, males, females, and even elderly people.

Get out there, turn some music on, and dance away your stress today!