5 Facts to Know About the Corona Virus


Claudia Holl, Contributor

The Corona Virus is a very dangerous pandemic, and a lot of people aren’t taking it seriously or are making jokes about it. However, COVID-19 has been found in our town hospital in at least nine people. Families who we go to school with are being infected with this virus! Here are a few things to help educate on this virus:

  1. One 0f the most important is that you don’t know you have this virus until days after you have gotten the virus, which means you are a carrier and can make other people sick without even knowing. This is why even if you feel fine, you should be taking all the precautions to not get everyone else sick!
  2. In the entire world, they have confirmed over 428,000 cases, and 19,000 people have died. This is only in the weeks this has been around! In Italy alone, 6,000 people have died from Corona Virus.
  3. They do not have a medicine for this virus right now and it is very dangerous. Even if if it isn’t dangerous for you, it may be for the person in the store with you, so be mindful and wash your hands!
  4. This may last from anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending how bad the case is.
  5. If you suddenly have a fever, cough, or have shortness of breath within 2-14 days of having direct contact with public and this continues on with a dry cough, call a help line or visit your local hospital.

More severe cases may start out more severe! there is no precaution too big! if you are sick please let someone know and keep others from getting this virus.